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Aumani Phillips
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My son loves this place. He loves his instructors and they make sure to recognize him and his achievements. We've been there less than a year and it feels like they've known him his whole life.

krystal kennedy
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Celebrated my son’s 8th birthday at Yonsei & the kids had a blast! Non-stop fun from start to finish. The party attendants took care of everything so the grownups could just sit back and enjoy watching all the great games. Highly recommended Yonsei for your next birthday party!

Renell Webre
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Our son started with Yonsei almost a year ago and he absolutely loves it! He always looks forward to going to his classes. All the instructors do an awesome job teaching our kids. Everyone is so sweet! The class hours are pretty flexible. I would definitely recommend Yonsei Martial Arts Academy!

Juarice Collins
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My family has experienced diffrent Martial Arts Academies and Yonsei is by for the Best. My Daughter Loved the Relationships, and Friendships she has developed and wants to continue. Sensei is more than an instructor, he is a leader, he is kind, firm, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. The Staff is way more than amazing, they are astonishing. If anyone attends this Academy you and/or your child will definetly become a better person.

Satashi Akechi
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Yonsei is easily the best martial arts school in the country.

Lauren Lexington
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Yonsei Martial Arts has been amazing for our kids. For the past two years we’ve been able to celebrate the personal growth and skill development acquired through the weekly training, guidance, and leadership Yonsei offers. Classes are efficient and fun. Leaders are encouraging and firm. Friendships are abundant. Opportunities for our older kids to lead the younger ones has helped them to develop life-long leadership and teamwork skills. The optional tournaments motivated them to work towards a goal, measure their skill level, and celebrate their efforts. We have greatly appreciated Master Mike Sentilles, Mrs. Peggy Richard and their leadership team with all they’ve done taking the time to get to know our kids and help them to be the best they can be. We highly recommend Yonsei to families who are looking for a Martial Arts school that truly cares about their students.

Kristin Desselles
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I absolutely love what this place did for my child. I enrolled my child here when he was 5 years old, and I truly believe it has helped shape him into the great young man he is today! Not only do they teach you karate, but they teach you life lessons and mature ways to react and deal with situations. The staff was incredible, and my child loved all the extra fun activities they had for them. We even had a couple birthday parties over there - which hands down were the most fun and unique experiences ever! All of his friends and their parents had a blast and used them as well. Highly recommend this place!!!

Ashley Jones
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There are so many great things about Yonsei! The one that I love the most is the feeling we get each time we attend. They treat you like family! I can see a difference in my son after every visit! They encourage him to never give up and they teach him respect. What more could we ask for right! Stop by and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed :)

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