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5 Ways Martial Arts Defends You Against COVID-19

5 Ways Martial Arts Defends You Against COVID-19

5 Ways Martial Arts Defends You Against COVID-19.

We have an amazing body that is built to defend itself against microorganisms every day.  For the body to do this well, it must be healthy and strong.  Exercise has been proven in countless studies to benefit not only the body but the mind and spirit also to maintain the body's health.

We at Yonsei are committed to improving the mind, body, and spirit through training.

Here are 5 reasons martial arts exercise can help defend you against COVID-19.

1. Meet Supply and Demand

It is a known scientific fact that if the muscles are not used they will become weaker.  When exercise puts the demand on the muscles to work harder, the body will supply the muscles with all the nutrients that is necessary for the muscles to meet the demand and become stronger and have more stamina.

Are you sitting too long at the computer or in front of the television? If so, your muscles are becoming weaker from inactivity. Have you ever been winded walking up a flight of stairs or hiking on an inclined trail?  Do you find your body stiff after sitting for a long time? These are signs that your body needs to exercise more.
Martial arts training will challenge your body to increase the blood flow to meet the demand of the exercise and make the body stronger.

2. Increased Blood Flow and Stronger Immune System
When you sweat, your body is cooling off the heat produced by the exercise, just like the radiator in a car cools off the heat produced by the engine. Your blood flow has increased to meet the demand and your immune system becomes stronger.
Exercising regularly and having a healthy diet can help prevent health conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

3.  Stress Buster
A good work-out session will increase the endorphins in your body.  Endorphins are the hormones known as the 'feel good' hormones. We can all use some stress relief from the many stresses that COVID-19 has created. Exercise will create a more resilient body by lowering the stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.  Our bodies are in a flight or fight response to COVID-19 to protect us which produces stress hormones that over an extended period of time can harm the body and create depression if not returned to the proper balance with the feel good endorphins.  Martial arts training will help return that balance by producing more endorphins and reducing the stress hormones.

4. Say Goodbye to Hypertension
Martial arts training can on average, when done consistently, reduce the diastolic and systolic pressure in your heart.  This reduced blood pressure allows the heart to work more efficient to pump your blood which means a healthier body and immune system.

5.  Supply and Demand Meets Weight Management
Did you gain a few pounds during lock-down?  There are many factors that can contribute to weight gain, but one of those factors is again the supply and demand principle.  Simply put when the body is supplied with more calories than is needed by the demand to burn those calories the body will store the extra calories as fat.  Exercise can increase the demand for calories and with a healthy balanced diet one can lose those extra pounds gained during the lock down. We know that obesity can be a cause for conditions like stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis which can negatively affect your immune system to not work at its best.

Martial arts is a great consistent whole body work out that can ignite your metabolism to burn off the excess calories and promote a healthier mind and body.  With consistent application of training and healthy food choices, you'll be a stronger healthier you.

A Better You
There is no guarantee that the exercise and training will prevent you from catching COVID-19, but with a healthy strong body, your immune system with be ready to to tackle anything that comes its way.

Training is definitely one of the actions you can take along with following social distancing and washing your hands that can be an effective part of defending yourself against COVID-19 with the benefit of an improved mind, body, and spirit.

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