Kenner Martial Arts Training Center

Summer Camp in Kenner

Will you be the champion for camp week? There will be board breaking, Nerf wars, water wars, movie production, challenging obstacle courses, new friendships. Did I mention the FUN? Learn martial arts for self-defense and to deter bullies, earn a belt rank, cool demo moves and so much more!! Don't miss the fun!

Pre-Registration Discount 
Show this ad when you pre-register by May 18th to receive a 20% discount on the registration fee!

* $99 down for registration fee without the discount. 
* $35 deposit (nonrefundable) down to reserve each additional camp, 
* balance due for each camp on the first day of each camp.

(The rest is the same as currently online)

Each session is Monday-Friday 
Time: 9:am - 3:30pm

Drop off/Pick up 7:30am/5:00pm for working parents. 
Choose one or more of the 3 camps when you register.

Camp One: June 10-14 
Take 5 & Action Camp 
You're the star! Make your own warrior movie! 
Camp Two: July 8-12 
Minute to Win It Battle Camp 
Will you be the ultimate champ? 
Camp Three: August 5-9 
Ninja Warrior Camp 
Do you have what it takes to earn your rank in the Ninja Warrior Hall of Fame? 

Each day includes the following: 
3 hours of martial arts warrior theme fun training. 
3 hours of fun theme games and activities that challenge their warrior mind, body, and spirit 
Campers bring their own lunch and snacks. 
Campers get a free warrior t-shirt and a string bag. 
Warrior character of self-control, focus, discipline, respect, confidence, balance, agility, flexibility, bully defense, setting goals and achieving them, plus cool moves are just a few of the things learned while having FUN, FUN, FUN!

ONLY $199 per week!

(includes registration fee)

July camp has a few spots left. Sign up before June 26th and receive a 50% discount on the registration! You pay 49 to register and $100 for the camp.

Make an appointment to reserve your spot on the mat by clicking HERE!

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