Quick Start Confidence Program + 1 FREE introductory private 1-1 lesson for $49

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1 Introductory private 1-1 lesson (A $45 value) 1 Introductory private 1-1 lesson (A $45 value)
1 Uniform  (A $49.99 value) when you enroll in our Quick Start Program 1 Uniform (A $49.99 value) when you enroll in our Quick Start Program

It’s Back To School!
Do you want to improve your child’s immune system, cognitive abilities to excel in school, reduce the stress that our world is thrusting upon them daily? Our exclusive SKILLZ™ program for children ages 4-14 through it’s scientifically proven drills and age specific curriculum  promotes success for your children in 4 critical areas in their stages of development while your children have fun in a structured class that develops focus, self-control, physical fitness, confidence, discipline, respect, and so much more while having fun!  If you want an after-school activity that is fun and builds strong minds, bodies, and spirits, contact us today for a FREE introductory lesson.

Your first one to one lesson is on us! No obligation to continue.
Our Quick Start Program is a great after school activity for you and your children.



Little Eagles (Ages 4 - 6)
Monday 6:00PM
Tuesday 5:15PM
Wednesday 6:00PM
Thursday 5:15PM
Friday 4:30PM
Saturday 9:00AM
Sunday -
Core Eagles (Ages 7 - 9)
Monday 4:30PM
Tuesday 6:00PM
Wednesday 4:30PM
Thursday 6:00PM
Friday 5:15PM
Saturday 9:00AM
Sunday -
Extreme Eagles (Ages 10 - 14)
Monday 5:15PM
Tuesday 4:30PM, 7:30PM
Wednesday 5:15PM
Thursday 4:30PM, 7:30PM
Friday 6:00PM
Saturday 9:45AM
Sunday -
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